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Hartly New Resale - New and Gently Worn Family Clothing
How to Become a Supplier

You could be the perfect supplier!

If you're already shopping at Hartly New Resale, then you already know our standards for excellence, quality, and style. Chances are, you could be our perfect supplier and enjoy one of the most advantageous supplier contracts in the nation.

If you're just discovering us, here are our buying guidelines:

1. To get started you simply need to clean out your closet.  As a rule of thumb, if you have not worn something in 2 years you are probably not going to wear it. We only accept new and gently worn items that aren't older than 2 years of age. 
2. Please be mindful that we accept items that are name better-label and designer apparel. We do not accept discount store brands from walmart, target, k-mart. 
3. Quality and appearance are important to our customers, so we ask for apparel that is cleaned, pressed, in excellent repair and if possible on hangers. Items should be free of pet hair and fragrance or smoke odors. We do not offer repairs.
4. Next, clean, hang, or neatly fold your items so they are free of wrinkles an/or odors. We do not accept items in trash bags. 
 5.  We also buy nearly new or new shoes, belts, and better/designer handbags. Sorry we do not accept COACH handbags.

6. We do not accept under garments. 

We now buy by appointment. 
Please call for details 918-298-4278

August 1st we will be accepting kids, junior, and young men's FALL items.

We will be looking for transitional items, light weight jackets, light weight sweaters, pants, jeans, shoes, and boots.
 We will also be looking for Jenks, OU, OSU, TU, OKC Thunder clothing.

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